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Sake made from Japanese rice
The flavor is wrapped in a very pleasant and drawn-in scent.
The taste changes to various flavors during the manufacturing process, such as fruity ones and ones that make the best use of rice.
Sake has a long history, and although there are various theories, it seems to have been produced since 300 BC.
Please try tasting such historical "sake".


Founded about 200 years ago ”TOSATSURU”, a famous sake brewed with craftsmanship using water taken from the clear stream of Kochi Prefecture in Japan and carefully selected rice. Please give it a try.

Daiginjo Genshu “Tenpyo”

A distinctive ginjo aroma and mellow taste.
This is a hand-made daiginjo unblended whiskey packed directly from the storage barrel. It is a world-famous Japanese sake.

900ml  Alc. 17.5%

CHF 101.00

ベージュ 白 ナチュラル コスメ 新商品 紹介 インスタグラム投稿.png

Dry Ginjo Great Auspicious "TOSATSURU"

A ginjo sake with a gorgeous ginjo aroma and a refreshing taste. Enjoy the exquisite lingering finish of dry ginjo that enhances the deliciousness of the food.

720ml  Alc. 15.5%

CHF 64.00

 yuzu flavor sake

Slightly sweet, slightly refreshing. Based on Tosazuru pure rice sake, Yuzu from Umajimura and Muroto deep sea water are used to create a mellow and gentle taste.

500ml  Alc. 8%

CHF 16.00


Ginjoshu 'azure'

A new type of ginjo sake that is smooth and sharp with a refreshing aftertaste. Please enjoy the refreshing and transparent taste and aroma of dry ginjo produced by powerful fermentation with deep sea water.
Received the Grand Prix in the Ginjo category of the 2017 National Sake Appraisal.

720ml  Alc. 15.5%

CHF 47.00

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